A short look into a group of people that join together in the meatpacking district of downtown Los Angeles. 
Zach Goodwin assembled a small film crew, of his film school classmates (Flynn Harris, Alex Flanagan, Alex Kumph), to go out every Sunday night to film and take part in the LA Animal Save Pig Vigils. After several weeks of intensive shooting, hundreds of miles of driving, and over 100 hours of editing, the crew decided to share equal credit for the film. It premiered at the 26th Anniversary of the San Antonio Film Festival in 2020 under the short documentary category.
"Well done amigo! You captured the essence of what pig vigils are like and why we have to be there for them. Congrats to you and your entire team on qualifying for SAFF." -Alec Pedersen
“I am in tears.  It’s gripping, moving, disturbing, involving and arouses all manner of emotions.  Kudos to Zach for creating this!  I hope many people get to see it. “ -Ronna Siegel
"This is incredible and so powerful. We love the energy you all put into this and it's going to change people's perspective for sure. The quality of your work is outstanding too - we really can't wait to see what you do down the line." -Darren Hendry

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