After FaceTiming her boyfriend before bed, a teenage girl wakes up in the middle of the night due to a mysterious discomfort.
Made entirely in quarantine, Zach Goodwin used everything accessible in his home to make a short horror film. The film is an official selection of the Quarantine Film Festival 2020.
"You create genuine atmosphere, in a very short time. Well-done!" -Paul Laverack
"I love it man. It looks amazing, You should enter it into contests... now , make a feature at home with your sister" -Koji Sakai
"I just watched this, the suspense šŸ˜® didn't not see that coming. I just started filming shorts and skits with homemade props so I appreciate the like from some make this level of content, thanks. Keep up the great work." -ZavinchiĀ 

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