After losing his footing in life, a man seeks consolation in his girlfriend about hitting rock bottom... or top.
Solely created for AGBO's "No Sleep 'til Film Fest" 2022 competition, in which filmmakers are given 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film that follows the prompt of using at least 3 identifiable genres. For a while, Zach had a story concept using the gimmick of using a vertical flipped screen to tell the story of a character suspended to the ceiling. When the contest prompt was released, he felt like he could easily fit 3 genres inside a story utilizing the idea. He ended up submitting the film under 4 genres, which are Drama, Fantasy, Animation, and Thriller. 
Date night goes horribly wrong after Eric tries to spice things up with his girlfriend.
Written, filmed, and submitted for Jacksfilm's 48 Hour Film Festival, a YouTuber Zach and Richard have been fans of for years. The sketch revolves around a meta take on the festival submission itself, making fun of hardcore fans of Jacksfilms, the merchandise that the actor, Greg, secretly wears the entire time was totally unplanned in the story and happened to be owned by Richard himself. Even though they had 48 hours to complete the project, the team actually had to further condense the time in order for Zach and the actress, Jamie, to catch their flights to Texas 14 hours into the contest. Jack awarded the film "Most Meta" and praised Jamie for her incredible sketch comedy acting.
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